I'm Nicholas Griffin

👋 Welcome to my website!

Thanks for visiting my site! As you might have read in the title, my name is Nicholas Griffin and I am a Senior Software Engineer, Blogger and Technology enthusiast from the UK.

Feel free to scroll further down to find out more about me or my projects, I've also added my contact links below.

About Me

I would classify myself as a Full Stack Developer with a slight bias towards frontend. I spend most of my dev time doing a range of personal development projects around the web alongside my day job.

Outside of development, I enjoy the odd read and love to listen to music, with an aim to find some good new stuff, however, that's mostly about trying to beat the algorithm.

You can find out more about me and my projects below.

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What I'm listening to

What's going on?

Below you will find some of the blog posts that I have wrote (if that is still working), I used to write a lot and I'm looking to write blog posts more about the projects that I am working on. There might not be a lot here but I hope that it will at least be interesting, at least to me.

So what is it that you do? 🤔

I do a whole range of things across the web from blogging on this site to random GitHub projects, as a full-time Senior Software Engineer, there's not a whole ton of projects that I can share here as the majority of what I work on daily is private.

That all said, here are my most recent projects across the web and on GitHub:

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Languages that I often write in

ReactReact (JSX)

Tools that I often use

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics
Visual Studio CodeVisual Studio / Code
Elastic SearchElastic Search
And last but not least...
Stack OverflowStack Overflow (it's always good to be honest xD)
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