I'm Nicholas Griffin

I'm a web developer.

I'm a blogger.

I'm a technology ethusiast.


I'm really just a bit of a nerd.

I live in the UK.

I spend most of my time doing new stuff on the web.

Mostly front end, but I do dabble in a bit of back end.

When I run out of stuff on the web, I often end up staying up late with Netflix.

My dogs are a complete idiots

But probably not as bad as some of my code...

We've all been through those days.

All that said, feel free to check out some more of my stuff.

Are you still reading this?

Did you not see the icon?

Seriously... Just scroll your mouse down!

Fine, be like that.

I'll just do it for you.


Was that so hard?

Oh wait...

You can't see this..

I could put anything here right now and you wouldn't have a clue...



Wasn't that fun?

I should probably revert this just in case you come back..

Right, let's see, what can I put here?...

I know!


Web Developer, Blogger and Technology Enthusiast

Web Developer, Blogger and Technology Enthusiast

👋 Welcome to my website!

As you might have read in the title, my name is Nicholas Griffin and I am a web developer, blogger and technology enthusiast from the UK.

I spend most of my time doing a range of personal web development projects around the web alongside my work for Accrosoft, where I work as a developer and deliver a range of web-based projects for our customers around the globe.

Before I started at Accrosoft, I worked for myself on various freelance web development projects and on my own technology news & reviews site that was called TechNutty (still not a fan of the name). I also spent a few years at the University of Derby, mostly drinking and playing Xbox, occasionally I studied Business Management and somehow managed to achieve a 2:1, which is fair enough. 😂

I aim to use this website to not only showcase myself but also start working on a range of other personal projects. You can follow my expeditions below.

What I'm listening to

What's going on?

Below you will find some of the blog posts that I have wrote (if that is still working), I used to write a lot and I'm looking to write blog posts more about the projects that I am working on. There might not be a lot here but I hope that it will at least be interesting, at least to me.

So what is it that you do? 🤔

I'm not sure that I actually know but here's some of my public Github stuff:

Languages that I often write in

GraphQL GraphQL
JavaScript JavaScript
React React (JSX)

Tools that I often use

Bootstrap Bootstrap
CloudFlare CloudFlare
Firebase Firebase
Gatsby Gatsby
Git Git
Google Analytics Google Analytics
NodeJS NodeJS
Docker Docker
Sentry Sentry
Yarn Yarn
Visual Studio Code Visual Studio / Code
Webpack Webpack
WordPress WordPress

And last but not least...

Stack Overflow Stack Overflow (it's always good to be honest xD)